Bad Doggy Coloring Pages

Digital pdf coloring e-book. 

If you’re a dog lover, these coloring pages are for you!

You’ll find 50 pages of dogs that are being cute or did something very naughty.

​Some of the sayings you’ll find in these dog-themed coloring pages are:

  1. I stole his favorite squeaky toy. I peed on his head.
  2. I ate the face off Mommy’s Teddy Bear that she had when she was a baby.
  3. I find the socks for him. I eat the socks.
  4. Daddy went fishing. I stole his catch while he was cleaning and hid it in the couch.
  5. I try to get lucky every night! I’m Lucky.
  6. I eat crayons and poop the rainbow.
  7. I’m the reason Mommy and Daddy aren’t getting their security deposit back.
  8. I ate the remote controller. Now when mommy pets me, the volume goes down.
  9. I poop in his bowl. And I eat it!
  10. I locked my person out of the house when she went to check the mail.
  11. My name is Sadie. I like to eat lipstick. It tastes like chocolate and dreams.
  12. I ate the baby’s diaper ointment. Now it's leaking out my bum and I need to wear his diapers too.
  13. I like to pants strangers at the park, but I think mommy likes it. That’s how she met her boyfriend.
  14. Sometimes I sleep in the laundry pile. Sometimes I pee in it.
  15. I chewed up daddy’s computer keyboard. Now I’m pooping out the alphabet!
  16. This book survived the last 100 years. But it didn’t survive me!
  17. I ate a baby chick. Mommy was upset because it was our new pet, so I yacked it up on the carpet all better!
  18. This morning I ate an entire bar of soap. Now when I fart it smells like lavender.
  19. I steal onions out of the pantry and hide them all over the house. I want to be the Easter bunny when I grow up.
  20. My house got robbed while I was sleeping.
  21. I really did eat Timmy’s homework.
  22. I like to hump the cat.
  23. The cat did it.
  24. I bark at shoes.
  25. I ate Christmas.
  26. I’m not fat. I’m a little husky.
  27. I’m not a purse puppy! I’m a concealed weapon.
  28. What do you mean I am not a people? You tell everyone that I am your baby!
  29. Are you mocking me? Cause I feel like I’m being mocked.
  30. I’m dog-tired.
  31. Only pack the essentials.
  32. I really want to play ball with you but I don’t want to give you the ball.
  33. What do you mean no animals on the table? There was a chicken up here last night!
  34. This is how I spend my Friday Nights.
  35. It was me… I let the dogs out.
  36. Today has been ruff!
  37. This is my little human. I will be his best friend forever.
  38. I don’t always bark but when I do it’s in the middle of the night.
  39. What, do you mean that I can’t go to work with you?
  40. I didn’t choose the pug life. The pug life chose me.
  41. It’s a dog-eat-dog world. Beware of dog
  42. I plead the fifth!
  43. You know I’ve always got your back.
  44. What do you mean, bedtime?
  45. Excuse me, can we check your bag?
  46. Did someone say … COOKIE?
  47. Can we get a bigger swimming pool?
  48. Thanks for the bed, humans!
  49. I am Pommie. Hear me Roar!
  50. It was a beautiful ceremony.


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