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If you’re a cat lover, these coloring pages are for you! You’ll find 50 pages of cats that are being cute or did something very naughty.

Some of the sayings you’ll find on these cat-themed coloring pages are:

  1. cat·as·tro·phe – a catastrophe caused by a cat
  2. NO! It’s a Booby Trap!
  3. I don’t always fits. But when I do, I sits.
  4. This did not go as planned.
  5. Human. I require your assistance.
  6. I packed your lunch for you. You’re welcome.
  7. Say nothing! They’ll blame the dog.
  8. We don’t want the toys that came in the box. We want the box!
  9. Fine! I’ll get my own damn food!
  10. Try and stop me.
  11. There will be consequences.
  12. Could you please let me in, so I can immediately ask to go back outside again?
  13. Be a deer and get me down!
  14. What am I doing with my lives?
  15. Do I like climbing stuff? Definitely a fan.
  16. Have a bath, they said. It will be fun, they said.
  17. I saw what you did to my water bowl.
  18. Right. Take a picture. That’s helpful.
  19. Snake!
  20. It’s 4 am and I’m starving. Wake up!
  21. The dog can guard the bottom. I got the top!
  22. There’s only room for one of us!
  23. There. I caught a mouse.
  24. It was in our way.
  25. Sorry. Couch is full.
  26. Long story short: you’re out of toilet paper.
  27. I really want you to pet me right now. But I also kinda want to bite you.
  28. Do you mind if I take this? Never mind. I’m taking this.
  29. If you help me, I will kill you last.
  30. Sleeping mode – activated.
  31. It’s a cat life.
  32. Why, thank you. My favorite.
  33. Human. My bowl is empty.
  34. Wake up! It’s breakfast time!
  35. I believe I can fly!
  36. Guard cat.
  37. Who is that?!
  38. What? This is my collection. Don’t judge.
  39. This is what happens when they leave us without supervision.
  40. Now I want attention.
  41. What? You’ve never had a bad ear day?
  42. I must yowl at 4 am every night.
  43. It tastes better when it’s fresh.
  44. Help. I can’t get up.
  45. Human. Why do you make my life so difficult?
  46. Gravity works.
  47. Look! I caught these dust bunnies for you!
  48. Toastbusters!
  49. They put bananas in that!
  50. Must. Conquer. Ghost.


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